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Cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof material
Cement-based infiltration crystalline waterproofing material is a gray powdery building material based on ordinary Portland cement as a base material and mixed with various active chemicals. The product quality conforms to the national standard GB18445-2001. The material contains active chemical substances. Water is used as a carrier. As water penetrates the capillary pores of the concrete structure, it is input into the concrete structure to form insoluble branch-like crystals. The water absorbs and expands inside the concrete structure, so that the structural pores are filled. The compactness makes the surface layer of the concrete structure gradually form a dense impervious area, which greatly improves the overall impermeability of the structure. In this way, the crystals generated inside the plutonium structure are combined with the outer coating to form a three-dimensional waterproof system that is internally and externally connected. Since the active chemical substance can be activated by water after many years, it continues to play a catalytic role, and even if local leakage occurs again, it can automatically heal under the effect of crystallization. Therefore, the cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof material has a unique and durable waterproof effect.
1. Excellent performance, environmentally friendly and non-toxic
The solidified material of the waterproof coating after construction is the same as that of the concrete structure. At normal temperature, the active chemical substance can make the infiltration crystal penetrate into the inside of the concrete 100mm after 28 days, and the active chemical substance of the coating can be activated by water after many years to generate new penetration The crystallization source can automatically heal the cracks generated by the concrete structure, and can effectively block cracks below 0.4mm. The active compounds contained in the waterproof material are all water-soluble, so it is harmless to the human body, and there is no burning sensation when the skin is in direct contact, which is a green product.
2. Main technical indicators
Type I
Type II
Setting time
Initial setting time, min
Final setting time, h
Flexural strength, Mpa
Compressive strength, Mpa
Wet base surface bonding strength, Mpa
Impermeability pressure (28d), Mpa
Second impermeability pressure (56d), Mpa
Pressure ratio after exudation (28d),%
3. Scope of application
It can be used for the waterproof construction of the base of various concrete structures: roofs, structural cracks, seepage points, holes, subway stations, basements, tunnels, culverts, reservoir dams, overpasses, toilets, cisterns, sewage tanks, and concrete buildings All structures of facilities.
4.Material preparation
At room temperature, according to the ratio of water: powder = 0.25: 1, first pour a certain amount of water into the mixing bucket, and then gradually add a certain amount of powder. Stir while adding the powder. It should be fully stirred evenly without powder balls. The stirring tool is preferably an electric stirrer or a stick. The prepared coating must be used up within 30 minutes at room temperature. Special attention should be paid to the fact that water cannot be added for stirring again.
5. Construction method
Before construction, drops of mortar, mud, floating ash, oil, and loose parts should be removed, and the smooth surface should be brushed with a wire brush and other tools to clean the dust. When waterproof construction, the base surface should be moistened, and the construction area should be kept moist. It is best to spray while construction, but no clear water should appear on the construction surface. During the construction, the honeycomb, holes, gaps, and joints are repaired before plane construction. Construction can be carried out by broom brushing, roller brushing, scraper scraping, plaster spraying, etc. The painting and rolling brush construction must be completed in two times. The two paintings should be spaced 2 to 3 hours apart and should be changed alternately. Brushing direction and coating amount should be reasonably applied according to design requirements. Dry-spreading construction method: Before the concrete is poured, the product is evenly distributed on the cushion in a fixed amount. The dry powder is sprayed for 30 minutes before the concrete is poured. It can also be distributed in a fixed amount before the concrete is set. Concrete surface, then compact the surface. Normal dosage is 1 ~ 1.2kg / m 2
6. Comparison table between coating dosage and coating thickness
1kg / m 2
1.2kg / m 2
1.5kg / m 2
1.7kg / m 2
Coating thickness
7, matters needing attention
I. The cement-based permeable crystalline waterproofing material has its own unique moisturizing effect. Generally, it is required to spray water for curing after 8 hours of construction, once or twice a day, for 2 to 3 consecutive days, and water storage is prohibited for 7 days.
2. After construction of the waterproof material, it must be carried out after 7 days when the soil needs to be refilled, and water must be stored after 7 days after the construction of the reservoir.
3. It is forbidden to construct in rainy and snowy days, with frost on the surface, open water, and below 0 ℃.
8.Storage, transportation and packaging
I. Store in a cool, dry place indoors to avoid direct sunlight and rain. The storage period is 12 months.
2. This product is transported as non-dangerous goods.
3. This product is packed in cartons or woven bags.
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